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Kitchen Remodeling Near Me in Prairie City, California

Heavenz-Kitchen to Your Remodeling Rescue in Prairie City, California

The standard kitchen remodel takes many factors into consideration before any work begins. With Kitchen Remodeling Near Me in Prairie City, California, the layout of the room is the very first design element to consider when planning the space. What's the square footage and how will each area of the space be used: food prep, dish washing, cooking, refrigeration and freezing, storage of food supplies and utensils as well as eating. All these elements are essential aspects of operating a successful kitchen.

Heavenz-Kitchen Designs Your Kitchen Using the Elements You Need

When a home owner decides their kitchen is in need of a makeover, it is necessary to determine what elements of their current kitchen design are failing to serve their needs. The solution to those failures will undoubtedly allow for the creation of a successful new kitchen plan in Prairie City, California. Imagine the first solution to a problematic issue is a new sink. Your original configuration may have been the traditional double sink with a standard faucet. Your Heavenz-Kitchen designer suggests an extra deep ceramic farmhouse sink with a pot filler faucet. This new look will accommodate very large pots and extra tall containers. He or she may also include a pullout or pull down faucet, a touch less one, a side spray or a wall mounted faucet. After considering your needs and likes, the end design should resolve many of the deficiencies missing from your kitchen sink's design.

The next issue in your kitchen in Prairie City, California that the designer attempts to correct may be the cooking configuration. The home owner may currently have only a single oven. If they love to bake for large groups, a double oven may be preferable. The challenge could be with the cook top, especially if the homeowner prefers gas and is stuck with an electric stovetop. After the designer incorporates this change into the design, the type of gas cook top is chosen. The home owner may desire a separate stove or stand alone cook tops that meet their needs. They may end up with a double wall oven on one side of the kitchen with a cook top that sits directly across from the oven.

More than 73 kitchen styles available

Organization may be a real problem in your pre-renovated kitchen in Prairie City, California. You may not have adequate drawers or cabinetry for storage. After explaining this problem to the Heavenz Kitchen designer, deeper cabinets and drawers may be incorporated into the new cabinet layout. Instead of the standard cabinet of 24 inches deep, go for the 36 inch deep base cabinets. Every inch of space is needed for small kitchens to be used for storage, causing you to choose to have corner base and wall cabinets installed. Your wall cabinets can be increased from 12 inches deep up to 17 inches deep allowing you to store many more items in overhead cabinetry.

The lighting improvements for your home will be based on the work station changes you make. Every work station needs appropriate lighting. An island may need pendant lighting, while a countertop may be well lit using a single overhead fluorescent light. You may desire a more modern look with ceiling pocket lamps and focused track or pendant lighting. Under cabinet lighting or inside cabinet lighting are the other options you may choose to exercise.

Flooring and wall treatments are the final changes you will want to institute. Kitchen floors in Prairie City, California can be very important to cover properly. Properly treated wood floors make excellent flooring for kitchens. Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly product that provides excellent traits to a kitchen floor. It usually comes with 50 year residential warranties. These floors are scratch resistant; they are heel safe and pet friendly, so the average kitchen floor will look beautiful for decades. Ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles are the most common kitchen floor covering choices. The kitchen flooring options include laminate flooring, concrete, stone and rubber floors. Walls are still painted and wall papered to achieve the look most appealing to the home owner's tastes.

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Kitchen layouts will begin with the work triangle, the stove, sink and refrigerator placement. If several people generally operate in your kitchen in Prairie City, California at the same time, you may need a space broken up into zones. You will require an area for cooking, cleaning and a section for eating. A galley or corridor style kitchen has a single aisle down the center of a fairly limited space. With cabinets on either side of the aisle, adding an island can add needed storage. The L-shaped, U-shaped and G-shaped kitchens are layout configurations your home may have as their existing formations. There is a way to make every layout successful for your space. Explain your unique needs and allow the Heavenz Kitchen designer in Prairie City, California to make suggestions about the improvements.

Heavenz-Kitchen in Prairie City, California USE OF THE NEW DRAWER

  • Kitchens have been become more and more organized with the advent of a drawer for every need.
  • Appliance Drawers - deep tall drawers that hold electronic appliances such as blenders and very large pots.
  • Corner Drawers-often narrow spaces, but an excellent use for tight spaces.
  • Under-Sink Drawer - this u-shaped drawer surrounds plumbing pipes allowing for the storage of cleaning items.
  • Open-Front Pantry Drawers - by taking a look at the contents, you can easily see what is stored in each drawer making this storage option an excellent component to your butler's pantry.
  • Spice drawers - storing and locating easily read spice bottles makes keeping track of spices in your kitchen easier.
  • Bin Drawer - a trash bin sitting in a drawer is far easier to remove than a bin sitting inside a cabinet.
  • Kickboard Drawer - these shallow drawers allow for storing baking trays and cutting boards with ease.
  • Extra Benchtop - hidden discreetly in a very shallow drawer compartment can provide extra workspace for cutting or set-up.
  • Utility Drawer - Now that every home is overwhelmed with electronic devices from cell phones to tablets, the drawer where every device can be stored while it's charging is an excellent addition for most homes that house a family.

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Kitchen Remodeling Near Me in California


The latest advances in technology include the Sweepovac which is installed in kitchens. It sucks up the dirt gathered by sweeping and eliminates the need for a dustpan by sucking up the dirt for disposal. Innovation in refrigerator technology allow for adding Wi-Fi so families can order take out and connect to social media while in the kitchen in California. Horizontal cabinets with top hinges are fast becoming the alternative to the rectangular cabinet with doors. Engineered stone finally looks realistic enough to replace the real thing. Finally adding to the advances, texture is everywhere from backsplash tiles to cabinet fronts and countertops.


When you do your final walk-through, it is important that you test each appliance and use all of the equipment in CA. Test the electric panels to make sure they're working. Turn all the lights on and off. Observe the function of all doors and drawers. Look closely at every detail. When you are satisfied that everything has been completed correctly, sign off on the contract and make your final payment.


Heavenz-Kitchen is an all-in-one kitchen rehab center. Everything from the initial planning of your kitchen rehab through to the finished project is completed by our staff. Our designers can help you put together the kitchen of your dreams. After deciding upon a new kitchen layout, we put together the most desirable and functional, technologically advanced kitchens. We remodel homes in California expertly while following the general guidelines of client preferences and tastes. And, most importantly we create strikingly beautiful kitchens that are completed within our client's budgeting constraints.


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