Why You’re Not Too Young to Begin Building a Legacy

We all admire someone. Usually, they are the people who have accomplished what you dream to. They are the compassionate and fearless do-gooders. People who, against impossible odds, accomplished great things and left their world a better place. I have many heroes: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Oliver, Mother Teresa, and JK Rowling, to name a few. […]

Swimming lessons save lives: What parents should know

Before going any further, here’s the main thing parents should know about swimming lessons: all children should have them. Every day, about 11 people die from drowning in the United States. Swimming lessons can’t prevent all of those deaths, but they can prevent a lot of them. A child doesn’t need to be able to […]

In a Hurting World, Why Our Self-Compassion Needs a Check

These days kindness and compassion appear to be in short supply. Whether it is on social media, at a family or work gathering, or even in your own thought life, cynicism and despair can battle to take root as you try to navigate your own hurts along with the pain of loved ones and those in the world. The […]

The formula shortage is hurting families: What parents should know and do

It’s terrifying to think about not being able to feed your baby — and right now, with the baby formula shortage, parents all over the country are feeling exactly that terror. The supply chain for baby formula had been tenuous for some time, but when Abbott Pharmaceuticals recalled many of their formula products — and […]